Reykjavik should accommodate all of us – the people who live in the city and the people who want to move to the city – irrespective of who we are and where we come from. Each and every one of use deserves equal opportunities to live and play.

The Left-Greens will make sure of this with first-rate day care and education systems, strong welfare services, safe and affordable housing, good public transportation and urban planning which takes into account both the needs of people and those of nature.

Let’s make Reykjavik Left-Green after the May 26 elections!


Let’s strengthen the foundations of social welfare and rebuild the labour housing system


  • We will add 600 affordable social housing units during the next four years.
  • We will use the improved financial strength of the city to invest in its social infrastructure: day care, education and welfare services. We will prioritize in the interests of families and children.
  • We will press to abolish fees at the city’s day care centres and make all children’s education free of charge. People should not pay for basic social services.
  • We will open a Centre for Immigrants in crisis.
  • We will roll back privatization in the school system and stand in firm defence of education.
  • We will work more closely with housing cooperatives, the unions and the labour movement, and everyone else who shares our vision of a housing market which serves people, not capital.
  • We will ensure urban planning which guarantees social diversity in all neighbourhoods. We will fight against class divisions and the marginalization of vulnerable groups, including immigrants.


We will take larger Green Steps for the city and take radical action to combat man-made global climate change.


  • We will take decisive steps to ensure Reykjavík achieves carbon-neutrality by 2040.
  • We will improve public transportation and implement plans for the City Line rapid transit system.
  • We will add more bike paths and make it easier for people to walk or ride their bikes to work.
  • We will increase the number and variety of recreational areas. We want green spaces within walking distance.
  • We will take action to reduce food waste and make Reykjavík more vegan-friendly by offering more vegan choices at city operated cafeterias, for example in schools.
  • We will add rapid-charging stations for electric vehicles throughout the city, and add charging stations to parking garages and at parking spots in the streets.
  • We will improve and streamline administration by implementing smart solutions and making information more easily available with online and smart phone apps.
  • We will increase recycling and introduce the collection and recycling of organic waste.
  • We will implement a green budget and environmental accounting for Reykjavík. We will ensure that all city purchases take environmental concerns into consideration.
  • We will defend and strengthen protected areas in the city and add new nature reserves.
  • We will create and implement a plan to reduce air pollution in the city and to drastically curtail particle pollution from traffic.
  • We will take decisive steps to increase carbon capture with wetland reclamation and the planting of new forests on the outskirts of the city.


We want to take decisive steps to improve the wages and working conditions of the city’s large female workforce while eradicating violence, economic and social injustice against women.


  • We will take action against all forms of discrimination in Reykjavík.
  • We will raise the wages and improve the working conditions of the lowest paid municipal workers. The working conditions and pay of conditions of unskilled workers at city-run day care centres are a special concern.
  • We will eradicate the gender pay gap among city employees.
  • We will shorten the workweek and improve working conditions in order to reduce stress.
  • We will continue to transform society in the spirit of the many feminist revolutions of recent decades.